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Participate in the Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

An IPO is the opportunity to purchase shares directly from the company at a fixed price per share. Normally the public does not have access to IPO shares but on SSX we give you the opportunity to purchase direct from the Company.

Once the offering is complete the shares will begin trading via SSX. At that time you will be able trade the shares with the other investors, just like any other stock exchange.

SSX allows you to Pledge to purchase as many shares as you want in the IPO, even if you do not have the funds in your Investor Account when you pledge. However, the investment funds must be deposited before the Offering Closing Date. When the Offering closes you will have purchased ownership in the company and the shares will begin trading via SSX.


Initial Public Offerings Available to Investors on SSX


TellMe Ltd.
Mobile, Panama
Seeking: Click to view details
Shares Pledged: 1%
TellMe is a mobile application that allows websites to easily push information to user’s mobile devicesMore details
LATAM Incubated One B.V.
Investments, Curacao
Seeking: Click to view details
Shares Pledged: 51%
An investment vehicle created to invest in Latin American startup companies from the select accelerator programs of Wayra, 500 Startups, NXTP Labs and 21212.More details


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