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Low Fees to Trade via SSX

As an investor on the Startup Stock Exchange, you don not pay any fees to open or maintain your account. You pay no fees when you purchase IPO shares of a Company. On all other trades, you only pay a 1.5% commission.

Traditional funding models charge high opening fees and have minimum funding requirements. SSX does not have these.

The SSX Investor Fee Schedule
  • Open SSX Investor Account: FREE
  • Maintain SSX Investor Account: FREE
  • Invest in Initial Public Offerings (IPO): FREE
  • All Other Trades on SSX: 1.5% (of the value of the trade)


Additional Benefits for All Investors

coins.png   No Investment Limits
Have $100 to invest? We accept investors of any size. You decide how many shares you purchase.

growth.png   Investment Liquidity
Shares trade freely on the market. You decide when to buy or sell. Invest for the long term or the short term.

i_audience.png  Transparency and Oversight
Detailed information is available on all Companies. Company reports for investors are available every two weeks. SSX continuously monitors all Listed Companies and ensures Investors are informed.

globe.png  Diverse Companies
Choose from a wide variety of Listed Companies in different business sectors from around the world.

i_controlpanel.png  Control Your Own Account
All trades are placed online by you, the Investor. You decide what and when to buy and sell. You decide how much and what your minimum or maximum price is.

piechart.png  Ownership Equity in All Companies
You purchase shares directly in the public Companies. SSX is not an investment manager or a fund. You become a registered shareholder of the Listed Company.

i_text.png  Company Reporting and Communication
Each Listed Company must report to Investors on a regular basis. All Investors have the right to communicate directly with the Company and the ability to communicate with other Investors in the SSX Investor Community.

i_info.png  Strict Vetting of Offerings
Each offering listed on SSX undergoes a thorough six step vetting and approval process with only 2% to 3% of all applicants approved to list on SSX.

i_lock.png  Regulated marketplace
SSX provides an open and regulated marketplace, which is necessary due to the risk of startup investments. SSX operates via the DCSX, which is supervised by the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten.





Initial Public Offerings on SSX
Companies with Shares Available for Investment

TellMe Ltd.
Mobile, Panama
Seeking: Click to view details
Shares Pledged: 1%
TellMe is a mobile application that allows websites to easily push information to user’s mobile devicesMore details
LATAM Incubated One B.V.
Investments, Curacao
Seeking: Click to view details
Shares Pledged: 51%
An investment vehicle created to invest in Latin American startup companies from the select accelerator programs of Wayra, 500 Startups, NXTP Labs and 21212.More details
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