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SSX Education Center >> SSX Interviews: Conversations with Expert Investors
SSX Interviews: Conversations with Expert Investors


Meg Nakamura: Silicon Valley by the Numbers




A graduate of Princeton University, Meg is Co-Founder & COO at 3TAPs, a platform for exchange of goods, services and information; she is also an investment partner at Hard Yaka, an early stage seed fund for innovative businesses.

Learn more about Ms. Nakamura and some of the topics she spoke about:


Kyran Culhane: When a Startup Investment Group invests in Startups

Kyran Culhane graduated University College Dublin with a B.A. in Economics & English and holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Management from the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business. He is a Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of DCDB Group, an international financial consultancy firm with operations in Washington DC, Buenos Aires, and Dublin.

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Howard Leonhardt: The Journey from Inventor to Socially Responsible Investor




An American inventor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Howard Leonhardt has over 30 years of business experiences under his belt and holds 21 patents for medical products treating cardiovascular disease. In 2008 he founded the California Stock Exchange, a firm for assisting small firms to raise capital, which is coupled with Launchpads, an incubation program

Learn more about Mr. Leonhardt and some of the topics he spoke about:


Greg Kidd: Wisdom from a First Round Twitter Investor

Greg Kidd is Founder and CEO of 3TAPs and He was blessed with both intelligence and forsight when he supported his former employee Jack Dorsey and decided to become a first round investor in Twitter. Greg is also is an advisor and investor in Square. Recently he joined Ripple Labs as their Chief Risk Officer.

Learn more about Mr. Kidd and some of the topics he spoke about:





Ruz Chishty: The ABC’s of What Makes a Successful Investor

An alumnus of University of Washington and the Michael G. Foster School of Business, Ruz Chishty is a global entrepreneur with a background in international business development. He is the current Director of the London Chapter of The Founder Institute, as well as the CEO and founder of The Business Pitch.

Learn more about Mr. Chishty and some of the topics he spoke about:





Lorenzo Lara: Professor, Mentor, and Innovator talks Startup Investing




Entrepreneur, mentor and business consultant, Lorenzo Lara Carrero holds a PHD from MIT. He has taught and been a visiting researcher at a number of University in his native Venezuela, the US and Brazil. Currently he is President and Foundering Partner of

Learn more about Mr. Lara Carrero and some of the topics he spoke about:


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