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Demonstration Videos of the SSX Systems




Investor Account Verification
The SSX Investor Account Verification system is straightforward and easy for any individual to complete. By answering a few pertinent questions you gain access to all that SSX has to offer the international startup investor. Watch this Demo video to view the entire process from start to finish.



Investor Trading Account Funding
Funding your Investor Account could not be more secure with SSX. We have partnered with some of the most trustworthy and recognizable payment processing services worldwide, and are working on integrating new funding methods constantly. In this short video we guide you through the process for adding Funds to your Investor Account.








Pledging an Initial Public Offering
We built our system for buying shares in startups to be sophisticated and intuitive. In this demonstration video we explain everything you need to know to feel comfortable and confident navigating your Investor Account. Pledging for shares and purchasing ownership of startups worldwide starts with SSX.



Investor Discussion Community
SSX created our Investor Discussion Community to facilitate direct and transparent communication for all Investors with every Company Listed on the Exchange. In this brief demonstration video we take you step-by-step through the simple process of posting a public question that will be shared with the Company founder and the SSX Investor Community.








Company Executive Summary
SSX has built a valuable six-step application process for startups to List via SSX. The Executive Summary is the second step that a company completes. In this demonstration video we show how the system works and how it guides you through the application process with a few easy to answer questions.



Business Plan Creation System
SSX designed the ultimate architecture to assist you in taking your Startup to the next level. Our Business Plan enables you to craft a professional prospectus in six detailed steps. Watch this demonstration video and learn how to assemble, edit and even export your plan so your company can find the funding you have been looking for.






  Company Affiliate Program
The Company Affiliate Program provides the opportunity for companies to reward their contacts with free Trading Credit on SSX. By sharing SSX with their contracts, each new Verified Investors will receive Trading Credit and the Company will also earn credit for the cost of their Listing Application. This Demonstration Video walks them through the process for sharing their Unique Affiliate Code.



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