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Startup Stock Exchange Education Center


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  The Startup Stock Exchange Makes Investing Accessible at Any Level

If you are reading this you have reached a point where just having or saving money is not enough. You are ready to learn how to make your money start working for you. Whether you start with $10 or $100, SSX provides a place where everyone can meet their investment.

Investment is simply the act of buying shares in a company. A share is a unit of ownership. By putting money into shares of a given company your goal is to earn money back over a period of time. This is accomplished by trading your shares for more money than you purchased them for, being paid dividends, and/or earning interest. (Read More)


Personal Interviews with Global Leaders in Startup Investing




Lorenzo Lara Carrera
Professor, Mentor, and Innovator talks Startup Investing


Greg Kidd
Wisdom from a First Round Twitter Investor


Meg Nakamura
Silicon Valley by the Numbers


Howard Leonhardt
Howard Leonhardt: The Journey from Inventor to Socially Responsible Investor


Ruz Chishty
The ABC’s of What Makes a Successful Investor


Kyran Culhane
When a Startup Investment Group Invests in Startups
Demonstration Videos of Important Systems on Startup.SX


Pledging an Initial Public Offering
Pledging to buy shares in IPOs is simply explained in this demonstration video.

Trading: Buying and Selling Shares
The Trading System for buying and selling shares of the companies trading on SSX.

Investor Verification System
The simple SSX Account Verification System

Business Plan Creation System
The SSX comprehensive Business Plan creation system.

Investor Discussion Community
Connect directly with the listed companies and other investors


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