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The Problem
The problem is that there are millions of websites that people use on a daily basis, but many of the users would like to have the ability to…To view more, Sign In or Register
The Solution
The Solution is having a single app that can be connected to any websites using a simple to implement API/SDK provided by the Company. Once …To view more, Sign In or Register
Competitive Analysis
There are competitors in this space, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Notwithstanding that each is competing for the attent…To view more, Sign In or Register
The Opportunity
There are not applications similar to TellMe that do not put the user’s system at risk of being spammed with advertising or requires e…To view more, Sign In or Register
Revenue Model
TellMe is planning on two revenue models. The first is the “Per Message” fee from websites for service over base service levels …To view more, Sign In or Register
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