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501 SeCur

Location: Curacao
Category: Other

501 SeCur is a Security Operation Center that will be able to monitor Vehicles, houses, Businesses and Streets
Status: Under Review

The SSX Listing Team is reviewing this Company's Executive Summary prior to approving it for the next step in the listing due diligence process.
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Initial Public Offerings Available for Investment

LATAM Incubated One B.V.
Investments, Curacao
Seeking: Click to view details
Shares Pledged: 51%
An investment vehicle created to invest in Latin American startup companies from the select accelerator programs of Wayra, 500 Startups, NXTP Labs and 21212.More details
TellMe Ltd.
Mobile, Panama
Seeking: Click to view details
Shares Pledged: 1%
TellMe is a mobile application that allows websites to easily push information to user’s mobile devicesMore details
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